Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I realize I have been very selfish and have not let my dogs speak. Henry is the greatest dog in the world, trained early to not be afraid of loud noises. In fact, often loud noises lead to really tasty things to eat. He is pissed. Thinks he lives in a democracy for Oden's sake. Why in the hell, he asks, are they able to get away with this in the land of the free and the homeless?

My girl, a Philly dog, Pooh, stands by the constitution. As long as I read it to her while I'm scratching her tummy and pulling off the ticks.


Monday, May 26, 2008


I wouldn't vote for her in a zillion trillion villion years...

The Fix is In

Hillary will win the nomination. She was meant to. Anything else would throw the whole thing off track. Remember, I called it.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


This rage I feel when sober-------to watch one of our leading dem candidates using words like obliterate concerning countries, bringing up Bobby Kennedy in a kind of sigh, you know like, I wouldn't want it to happen but things do happen so I'll be right here when...if it happens...What an entitled, spoiled little bitch. I can't believe I had ever actually held her in some esteem. My wife, always quicker, said years ago that Hillary reminded of her of that generation of women in positions of power who think they have to think like they think men think. Plus she was disgusted that she did not leave Bill...well, perhaps that is where the venom comes from and it makes one think of Bill's ludicrous response of not inhaling. These people feel entitled, will do anything to preserve what they think is the correct impression, snakes------is somewhat ameliorated by booze but more so by booze and work...

I did one of the better paintings of my life a few nights ago, of my male golden. That helps, more than booze although I had shared a case and pint with a firefighter friend while I did it.

I had done a 4'X4' of him playing guitar with his dog Jake. I'll try to load it and my pup. Now 7, so only a pup in my eyes.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

justice and three day old Company

Hope beyond prayer beyond hope that this rope does not slip off my neck as I go to meet my last prayer beyond hope that this slope I slid down is not too long slippery and wet with prayer beyond hope beyond tears that this rope does not slip as I go to meet my favorite tennis shoe manufacturer

it was fun for awhile and there was glory in it but I know gravity, know it well, so I fell between the crack

between gravity and a fat sack

and my soul was reborn into this whiplash called humanity

every energy has been tapped

the genome of truth at the instant of death

I would still think of you

an island called my own

It's an infection, power, electric aphrodisiac, men strut in the robes of robbed graves. While the ones in the gutters of blood turn their heads up and say, Jeez thanks
before there were no gutters.

The Emperor does his nails himself. None of his queens could bear peeling the skin off the adders neccessary to this task...

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Clear cold and true
Like a wolf the first one you’ve ever heard

Watching over time

Moonlight and tooth

The dominant primordial princess lays on my arm
Sound of no sound of the river


Just sitting here on a maintaining high. Whem you've made fishing hooks out of beer cans and eat crawdads for breakfast, with an egg or two using a rock as a griddle, and a homeade fiddle suffice it to say suffices as a riddle

I wasn''t born to flip no pancakes, he said.

tag line

I found the box of Effexor behind a medical office. Me and my dog out for a stroll, quiet, urban, quiet. Wierd. The dumpster had lost all romance but I still could not help looking inside, where I actually found a lot of nice things. There were boxes, more boxes, Hank keeping watch, and then at the bottom was a box of the New Republican tag line:
The Change You Deserve..."
Effexor. a Whole damn box. I read the release, serotonic re-uptake...what the fuck...I needed to do something or my woman was going to leave me...

It was pretty good, made those orgasms strange though...

Friday, May 16, 2008

temporal shack

preaching now, as is my mother's wont. confronting the devil face on. What was that line in Shakespeare that makes me forget? For google illustious devils have they sent. sick in my temporal shack, understanding nothing but owe.

a new sentence.

reflections look beautiful. So thirstily lined up at the riverbank. In line with direct light into your skull. Fed by waves, pulses, currents filled with ties, bar napkins, a lady's address...and steel.

We have not forgotten our old masters.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our American Royal Hertiage

I think it was in the desert rv nomad mall refugee camp of Quartzite, Arizona that I popped off the theory of our new American royalty to my wife sitting across from me at the little fold down table of our old Winny. "I swear J. the new aristocracy of America is Hollywood...

She laughed. Still a little proud of her Daughters of the American Revolution lineage she fired back, "Think of it as trailer park royalty usurping the man, that way you won't gag."

I did not gag, imagining Oliver Stone directing the life and times of the Bush daughters cavorting with all sorts of neat characters you can see in the magazines while you wait in line at Wal*Mart. I was, sadly, smitten with my own doubtful abilities to pundit, seek a moral vein in which to explore our sad, dusty demise.

J. was reading so I let her alone and wandered out to take a few last looks at freedom. Outside the steel frame tent we had attached to the Winny, part of our rolling studio, I crossed the parking lot to the hippies tent where I knew my words would inspire vitriol, vibrant, electric, since at least two of the "hippies" were recently released veterans of the Iraq conflict.

Smoked a j with them but did not ignite any political fuse since they were obviously sad. But one guy, I hesitate to call him a conspiracy theorist, or an anti-Semite, since I do not know the facts swore up and down that the Israeli's "had comm on 9/11." He kept staring straight ahead and in a stoned trance kept saying, "Just check it out dude, who owns our telecommunications industries. Israel. Man. That's who. Just check it out. I ain't anti-jew either."

Always in it for conversation I asked what his proof was.

His eyes did a kind of airplane roll that I watched through the heavy smoke of my toke and he said, "I can't remember the name of the telecomm company, but it was only like two blocks away from the World Trade Center and they got it evacuated right before the planes hit. And it was Israeli owned."

I did not believe him of course but I humored him and then got bored and wandered through the gravelly desert darkness to the outskirts dark and tried to read the plaque of some Arab who had been brought specifically to Quartzite (I think) to train camels. He was well loved by the inhabitants apparently, though they got his name wrong. The camels thrived (a few Indians still own a couple it is rumored) but they didn't hit it off well with the military. Too funny looking I surmised...yawn...

sleep well you few who read this still.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

poem for the day

electric strings glide me through pain
getting old sucks
biting your tongue at every turn
they will certainly misunderstand you
do not say anything
20% is cool
this coffee sucks though.


This pre election shit is funny. The neo-cons had Hilarious' grave all set out, flowers, tombstone, weepers...and then this guy comes along, looks at the dead grass that is the playing field and says, I think I can make it grow. The press, while trying dispassionately as is appropriate to the right wing image of manhood to court the hero John McCain, his valor shining like red, white and blue toilet paper in the trees, stuck, awaiting any new funfacts to rescue reasons for this, reasons for that----Obama steps into history with humility and truth.

Friday, May 09, 2008

wow, relatives...

Just got an email from C. What an incredible woman. My mom's sister, raised four strong children on a Postal Workers pay. Plus what her husband could garner in pool hall proceedings. Oh, before his job got exported. Apparently they will hover over the airspace of a tragedy somewhere else while they ignore our desperately bleeding country. Americans are tough people. Sure, they can work two jobs, heck, three, at the same time...and the rapture is coming my friends, believe me it's coming. heh heh...

Oh shit, and she reminded me of my old journalist days when I knew not the computer but a very lovely editor in chief had patience and taught me how to file a story. Jennifer Dale.

knock on the for now...

Whinerman, Liarman and Bitterman

Listening to Randi Rhodes. A woman from Fla calls in and says she just doesn't know about Obama, where he stands, what he stands for, does he actually stand? She just isn't sure. She's a democrat. How does one address this? For many many many years Hollywood, the media, pulp faction magazine articles have made people afraid of people with slightly more melanin in their skin. It has become the favorite tool of masters since the beginning of transcontinental trade. Those days are almost gone. Even in our one left industry where we as Americans actually make stuff in our own country, the criminal justice industry, people in prisons are realizing this is bullshit. I mention the prison industry because it reflects our own society on the outside of the razorwire. There is no better way to see the moral breakdown of a society than to look at what that country sees as control. It is a game to them. a chess match. How do we fool them this time? How do we keep this machine running? This coffer must be filled. It's a system set up to prey on poor people who cannot fight the battle for justice since justice is now openly displayed as a sham.

Randi of course handled it like the matador that she is, but I could sense a waver since this asshole call in was one of those violent freaks whose agenda had not been met. Actually said the goddess had a filthy mouth. She pointed out his errors and left him in peace, no doubt in a divorce proceeding, while his head is spinning spinning spinning...


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

There's a tear in my...white rum.

i fell into one of those tearful episodes for a moment or two that men only do when they are completely alone. when I realized there is a chance for Obama to run against McCain I broke out the tears and the bottle. My god. And then I thought of the old myth of Osiris and my mood shifted. My god...McCain and Abel and I was indeed spooked for a few harrowing seconds while filling my mouth and throat with white rum. The rum threatened, loomed, salivary glands jumping to attention. Don't worry I told myself. The security he has goes far past the men who guard him.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Han Shan

I found myself fighting again, strange enemies of darkness. I was trying to address a problem that could have been easily resolved and some typical bully told me to stand down. I said I was permanently locked in the moment and then somebody came up and stole my notebook. 0900...I found myself fighting again. This time I was hit, indirect, automatic, brand new, spit from the backseat of a black tinted camero.. Laughter, tires squealching...shit, my first drive-by. wishing I had my bow...just a couple of white boys testing out the new mac-10's. Shit I say, I thought they would be black...