Sunday, May 25, 2008


This rage I feel when sober-------to watch one of our leading dem candidates using words like obliterate concerning countries, bringing up Bobby Kennedy in a kind of sigh, you know like, I wouldn't want it to happen but things do happen so I'll be right here when...if it happens...What an entitled, spoiled little bitch. I can't believe I had ever actually held her in some esteem. My wife, always quicker, said years ago that Hillary reminded of her of that generation of women in positions of power who think they have to think like they think men think. Plus she was disgusted that she did not leave Bill...well, perhaps that is where the venom comes from and it makes one think of Bill's ludicrous response of not inhaling. These people feel entitled, will do anything to preserve what they think is the correct impression, snakes------is somewhat ameliorated by booze but more so by booze and work...

I did one of the better paintings of my life a few nights ago, of my male golden. That helps, more than booze although I had shared a case and pint with a firefighter friend while I did it.

I had done a 4'X4' of him playing guitar with his dog Jake. I'll try to load it and my pup. Now 7, so only a pup in my eyes.


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