Thursday, August 24, 2006

Drinking Beer Alone Again

Oh man, bad bender, over two weeks, I think. I did not foresee it. Just on the way back to my home studio one night I decided a case of Molson on sale would be really a good idea. I even thought it was a positive sign when the black man stared at me in line at the checkout and said I looked just like Steven Seagall. I made his jaw drop further by bowing and saying "I am honored by the reference." He whistled and described some scene of the karate master in a hospital bed that I barely recalled, saying further that he bet I could really kick some ass. I smiled and said, "No. I'm a wimp." But I bet you can take care of yourself, huh? he said hopefully. I spread my legs and folded my hands and said yes I could probably do that.

I walked out feeling his respectful eyes following me. I was Steven Seagall with a case of Molson. Cold damn Molson. And that was all it took. A week of black out drunks, sometimes at Billy Slaughter's place, the redneck bar I live next to where I am no longer allowed. I still get fearfull sometimes when I walk out the door and see someone from the bar look at me with those racoon eyes that say, "You crazy fool!" I was actually 86ed more than once but in my drunken states (whiskey) I would go back in incognito, with my long hair either strolled down or up and any number of hats and glasses. Just the other night I wanted to go back dressed as ZZ-Top but couldn't rig a realistic enough beard and had a moment of clarity that I could really get hurt doing this. Almost did a few times, especially when I went in as a just out of the closet gay man. Jesus!

Well at least I have it somewhat under control now with just beer and I am eating from a full pot of my own special hangover chili. Better than the nuggets of dog food I was eating like popcorn, even my dogs looking at me like I had lost my mind.

Of course j disappeared once I started, something we both agreed on long ago when something like this happens.

Does anybody even read this blog?