Wednesday, June 25, 2008

walking with anti poetry

It does not matter too much to me

who carries what

is not needed

the director

I want to believe that the dream I saw last night

was just a

reenactment of all my fears

non-legs stiff

in pain

remorse for

all the movies I have seen

and when I awoke

I was carried to the scene



different director

same plot

Monday, June 09, 2008

no more pink donuts please

hunger is the thing
that makes all mankind susceptible
to sophistry

priceless karma

elephants wanting freedom

as we speak

upside down room

i dont care how they play it
im still going to say it
living in my upside down room

Sunday, June 08, 2008

polar bear

my polar bear

sweet polar bear

smooth as a cat

on volcanic rock

he chased the rabbit

but it was not there

but he saw me


on a rock

smooth as a comet

coming in from mars

my polar bear

sweet polar bear

he let me be

for a precious moment

smelled my shit

and then when on about his business

bad call

Watching coach Butch Hobson take the first base after a bad call, ejected, pick it up walk up in the stands and give it to a kid was indeed inspiring.

poem to randi rhodes

the satelitte eyes quavered...

no thats bullshit

try again

rusted bombs meteorific...

umm...not quite

moons and orbit

no dude, if youre going to try...

dig deep mark dig deep


steal from this blue nice
ex non pectant
feet are still good

theres a haiku in there somewhere

you go get it boy
and I i i i

im jealous

ive got beer
licking last drops from
honey tongue



I AM FUCKED UP RIGHT NOW. gloriously fucked up
no quotes please
my skeleton walks
it feels okay
no wisdom though
nothing that can cling to truth

no I will
give breath
noise or


nothing flies


lets think about this

Saturday, June 07, 2008


my grandmother once told me never to write anything down
why not granny?
she laughed
just make sure and burn it
I liked to burn things
so i started to write