Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our American Royal Hertiage

I think it was in the desert rv nomad mall refugee camp of Quartzite, Arizona that I popped off the theory of our new American royalty to my wife sitting across from me at the little fold down table of our old Winny. "I swear J. the new aristocracy of America is Hollywood...

She laughed. Still a little proud of her Daughters of the American Revolution lineage she fired back, "Think of it as trailer park royalty usurping the man, that way you won't gag."

I did not gag, imagining Oliver Stone directing the life and times of the Bush daughters cavorting with all sorts of neat characters you can see in the magazines while you wait in line at Wal*Mart. I was, sadly, smitten with my own doubtful abilities to pundit, seek a moral vein in which to explore our sad, dusty demise.

J. was reading so I let her alone and wandered out to take a few last looks at freedom. Outside the steel frame tent we had attached to the Winny, part of our rolling studio, I crossed the parking lot to the hippies tent where I knew my words would inspire vitriol, vibrant, electric, since at least two of the "hippies" were recently released veterans of the Iraq conflict.

Smoked a j with them but did not ignite any political fuse since they were obviously sad. But one guy, I hesitate to call him a conspiracy theorist, or an anti-Semite, since I do not know the facts swore up and down that the Israeli's "had comm on 9/11." He kept staring straight ahead and in a stoned trance kept saying, "Just check it out dude, who owns our telecommunications industries. Israel. Man. That's who. Just check it out. I ain't anti-jew either."

Always in it for conversation I asked what his proof was.

His eyes did a kind of airplane roll that I watched through the heavy smoke of my toke and he said, "I can't remember the name of the telecomm company, but it was only like two blocks away from the World Trade Center and they got it evacuated right before the planes hit. And it was Israeli owned."

I did not believe him of course but I humored him and then got bored and wandered through the gravelly desert darkness to the outskirts dark and tried to read the plaque of some Arab who had been brought specifically to Quartzite (I think) to train camels. He was well loved by the inhabitants apparently, though they got his name wrong. The camels thrived (a few Indians still own a couple it is rumored) but they didn't hit it off well with the military. Too funny looking I surmised...yawn...

sleep well you few who read this still.



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