Friday, October 20, 2006

Wind and Mud

In the Coronado Campground just north of Albuquerque we have been painting on the ground and in a little shelter that comes with each campsite. It is tough as the wind whips the canvases all over but I am developing a new technique of letting the wind blow the paint where it will.

We met some wonderful people in the space next to us. Both artists also. Michael and Carla. we sat in their 32' rv last night and J and I showed them a little how ebay works. We are going to set them up so they can use it also, since they are non-computer savvy. J will make them a website and show them the ropes.

After this initial introduction to what ebay can do for them we told a few stories, Michael with some very funny ones about his family. His eccentric brother with his 350 pound Samoan wife, who binge eats so that he can become big like a Samoan. This guy makes plastic cast faces of gargoyles and things and attaches them to his car, then spray paints them silver and black so they look like metal faces coming out of the car.

We were laughing about this and other things, like how art has turned into this thing that where you have to either be a graduate of Harvard Art school or Yale or some other prestigious institution or an idiot manchild to even have a chance of being considered a great artist today, when Michael reached up and got down a sheaf of papers. On one side were Yatzee scores of he and Carla's nightly games and on the other were these fantastic cartoons of people and things that I will try to upload here. Some are as good as Crumb. Like Capt. Do Da Day. Naval officer...

We are in tight straights money wise as everybody has suddenly decided to send us money orders rather than using paypal so we don't even have enough to pay our campsight fees, much less gas and food. Hopefully though one of the checks will arrive today and then monday we are expecting a paypal payment.

Fingers crossed
teeth full of sand
paint crusted jeans
cracked dried lips
the sun baking everything
to a brittle mud curd
that crunches when you step
on it
splashing red paint into the
blue New Mexico sky


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