Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"that brave, skinny, bald-headed girl"

Tonight we lucked into a little special on the Highwaymen. Willie, Waylon, Kris and John. Very enjoyable to see the four of them sitting with guitars, nervously trading songs they had just written. But Kris stood out. His song about Sinead "that brave, skinny bald headed girl..." J and I both grew up listening to him. She in Detroit and me in the Upper Peninsula. He always spoke to us and still does...

I'm moving out of the house we rented eight months ago. Into a campground. Our finances just won't cover the rent. Ebay is picking up but not fast enough. At least J will still have a roof over her head and I am actually looking forward to the campground since I have loved sleeping outdoors since I was a child. When I can afford it I will buy a screen tent to do my painting in. But for now I will have to do it right there in plain sight of the woods cops and rv'ers. At least the weather has cooled and the nights are in the 50's so I won't be miserable with the muggy heat. I know the dogs will enjoy it. And perhaps we will soon hit the road again, to where? We're not sure yet. Out west somewhere since we need dry climate to paint.


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