Friday, June 23, 2006

tap dance

Life is funny, sad, wierd, stupid, beggarish, devoid, lo-cal, intoxicating, uneventful, insipid, smarmy, antideluvian...and now it is going well. Paintings, the walls filled with huge paintings that are actually selling! (on Boundless Gallery) My god! I am a writer making it as a painter. Not so unusual though, since I believe I was painting first, with taco filling and squash medium I believe. We are gearing up to get back into the art fair scene. This time with art instead of jewelry, finally, able to do it right and I am upbeat, gentle blogger, upbeat and happy in spite of losing years worth of stories to a recent hard drive catastrophe and finding it will cost $1,500 for retrieval. That will have to wait...and word of advice from a sadder, wiser person. Back up yo shit with hard copy!!! At least my current stuff is safe and my new novel, the first kernels of thought, are beginning to pop pop popop. My two dogs are happy with their morning runs in a place nobody knows about, right in the middle of the city, safely marked with no trespassing signs, our own personal dog park with deer running around and even a small black bear. The fire ants that have been plagueing (sp?) us have been under control for awhile now with my search and destroy missions to their mounds. But all it takes is one kernal of dog food to be on the floor to have them swarming all over it. It takes the breath away with creepiness. A few weeks ago I put my pants on and got stung by the nasty little fuckers in about ten places before I was able to tear them off and knock the rest off.

To end this long time no see blog, I missed you dear blogger, I missed you.


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