Sunday, March 26, 2006

Chapter 32 - Hillbilly Girl Thonga

Last night, as if fueled by the story of the amazon private eye on NPR, I had a dream I was part of a traveling troupe of gypsy like hillbillies. They wanted to procure my services as a male stripper, stunt man and driver. I said okay without much hesitation. J seemed happy in the dream, but as the attentions of the Amazonesque hillbilly girl, Thonga, herself a stripper, began to focus more and more on me, J wanted to get far away from them, saying, “They're just a bunch of hillbilly carny’s…” But I was also the driver now and I had an incredibly souped up Camaro at the touch of my toe so there was no way I was giving that up in my dream. I was happy I must say. Fulfilling at least one of the roles god must have intended for me: Stud stuntman, driver, stripper,…Must be that I'm in my 40’s now and dreams like this are the equivalent of my red convertible...


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