Friday, April 07, 2006

Chapter 34 - FBI Files on Bukowski

Here is a poem that pretty much wrote itself after a visit to Henry Baum's (Ash Tree) site where I found a fascinating link on Bukowski. This was inspired by the idea of an agent following him around.

File: 140-35907

Subject just vomited for the third time
this time in a garbage can
off Sunset Blvd.
He has papers spilling out of his
back pockets
and I am waiting for
one of them to drop out
I feel this will provide
us with much needed clues
into what he is up to

Subject noticed me standing
in a phone booth
and asked me for a light
I handed him a lighter and
went back to my
imaginary phone call
Subject told me,
"You can tell a lot by
a man's shoes."
I ignored him and he
walked on.

Subject seems to have no
purpose and goes from
day to day
in search of another drink
He seems to prefer
which brand doesn't even seem to matter


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