Saturday, November 04, 2006

Weird Day

Strange day yesterday while riding around in Jodie's Revenge, it kept bogging down so we could only make five mph sometimes, especially on hills. Finally I got out and tapped on the fuel pump with a large nail and it ran okay. Got plated and registered and now we are ready to move on.

Last night at the Flying J I saw a Drew Carey lookalike and, sitting at the counter was a spitting image of Hunter S. Thompson, hat and all, smoking a cigarette and commenting on the insanity of the TV news above him to a big white haired biker dude. It was uncanny and I'm fairly certain it must have been his ghost. Where else would you see a Hunter S. Thompson ghost but in a truck stop in New Mexico commenting on the pre-election blitz over coffee, cigarettes? J saw him too and was also amazed.

The Drew Carey lookalike was walking through the parking lot. J said it had to be intentional.

We realized Lucky's purpose for the RV. Guard rug. We discussed a scenario where a potential thief opens the unlockable door (key broken in lock) and Hank lauches out of the vehicle. The thief steps in, free to steal all kinds of things like paint covered clothes and chipped plates when, in the course of searching he trips over Lucky who is planted in the middle of the floor. There is a little puff of dust from her matted fur as he trips over her and is rendered unconscious. When she is "activated" her butt twitches a few times and she sprawls out in the middle of the floor.

Bitter truck stop coffee
the lights of Albuquerque
embers smolder

A ragged man approaches
for loose coin
I have none to give

Shoulders hunched
tired eyes
heart brain
all diseased

The television shit river
rolling through our pre-conscious
hard to swim across


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