Thursday, February 02, 2006

Chapter 15 - It's a Sin to be Poor

Our last day was okay for a flea market. 70 bucks. J sold a bunch of the hair pins to shlubs. For the first time the reality of shlub being a world wide phenom set in when I saw three midwestern looking dumpy older women walking towards us. I guessed Minnesota, maybe Iowa until they passed, speaking French.

Shlub: (n) A person of very low grade taste; opinions formed by Fox news, Clear Channel, USA Today, People magazine, Rotary and other Shlubs. Usually travel in small packs where so they can quickly form a circle, small heads turned in and huge behinds pointed out for protection.

So we got to hang out in Lauderdale, sleep at the Sams, meet all kinds of interesting flea market people and now we are heading north. Probably to Jacksonville. Haven't decided yet.

We changed our minds about Key West since it looks so shlubby. Everything of the artisans, esp. the jewelers, laid out flat on small tables, a trick that says to people "Cheap!" If you set up a fine display they will walk right past your booth, dismissing you as too expensive.

Found out today that the jewelry category is full in all the ACE (American Craft Endeavors) and Howard Allen Events so those are out. I can't say I am too sad about it. Don't much like those shows even though they can be big payoffs. We will try to get into some last minute Chamber of Commerce type things. One more night at the Sams and we are out of here. The east coast is too crowded for my blood. Too many people forced to live the consumer dream and hate you if you are out of step with it. Got treated actually better in the red state of Arizona than here. Snide looks at our vehicle and the canopy and tables strapped to the top. The L.A. perfect sickness has sent its contagion ripples all across this land. Smell it. Dread it. Try to kill it. The awful sinfulness of it. Yes indeed. It's a sin to be poor, in the land of the white collar whore.


Anonymous Suusannah said...

I turned your head once. I think it could've turned it again...180, pal, re: the shlub def. You would've gotten to your artistic goal quicker. But you got there anyway. And, Mark, I know you're with God, and I am really impressed by your creative efforts. And J's as well!

7:01 PM  

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