Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Chapter 7 - Sailing in Place

At the Lauderdale Thunderbird Theater Swap Shop high breezes and dark clouds greeted us with the upcoming light and for awhile it looked like we might get drenched. I had backed the bullet halfway under the EZ-Up and ballasted it with a rope from the center that tied onto the back of the van. The wind kept picking up all four legs but it stayed perfectly in place and it felt like I was at the helm of a sailboat, especially since the asphalt of the old fourteenplex drive-in undulated in great rollers from sinkholes, Florida being basically a giant lillypad. The sun soon prevailed however and the dark clouds just missed us. A beautiful blue blustery day.

We had paid for an 8 dollar spot today, just to try it but realized the five dollar spaces were better for foot traffic and we were all alone in the eight dollar section. Not much action at all, in fact it looked like it might be worse than Tuesday except for the breezes that staved off the heat. Plus I was in a good mood all morning which really surprised J and then it happened. A medium sized man with red hair and stylish manner came up and loved our stuff and bought $75 worth. He was in a hurry to catch a flight and had only dropped in to get a suitcase. We traded info and he said he wanted to have our stuff in a store his is opening above his salon. Saved our poor asses and came back while we were in the middle of remarking how New Yorkers always get us and how good it would be to get back up there and gave us two boxes of girl scout cookies. "My friend gave me five fucking boxes and I'm not taking them on the plane!"

So we had a good day. Made some jewelry, me a necklace out of copper 18 guage twisted and curled and bent with a big copper dangle part that I attached a sharp little shark's tooth to with very thin guage copper wire and wear now with pride. J finished her two other watches with pearl and coral and they were delicious to look at. Towards the end of the day I wandered a bit and found some very good grade wine glasses that I bought for pretty cheap, cleaned and J made the prototypes for our new line of decorated glassware, all copper heavy guage up the stem then crusted up two thirds of the way with stone and pearl. It turned out better than we hoped.

Now outside a laundromat in Sunrise. Free wi-fi by a peaceful fence in back. The sun is down and the sky is purple. Our clothes are swirling dry. Our dogs have eaten their special dinner of tuna fish and dog food. Tomorrow is supposedly the better day of the weekday shows so we are hopeful. Now we are up to about 130 after laundry, dinner, returned Dremel tool, cigarettes and gas. Hopefully we can take this 130 and double it tomorrow. Then triple it Friday and so on until we are steady on our feet. Maybe even get a place. It is July since we have been on the road criss-crossing the country doing this and we haven't really had a place to call a home in over a year.

While bad news happens I am able to retain a positive attitude. Just found out they will probably foreclose on my little piece of property I own with a half built log cabin on it, due to missed payments and unpaid taxes and this hurts when I dwell on it. But I am getting better about not dwelling on things that hurt.


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