Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Chapter 14 - "How Much For Dee Dog Mon?"

Had to walk Hank to the back fence of the Thunderbird Swap Shop to squirt crap three times today and twice had people ask if I was selling him. One was kidding, one not. It would be like selling my child and it is sad to think how short dog's lives are. I have had so many people get tears in their eyes while petting ours and know they have lost a loved member of the family, sometimes years earlier. They are the world's greatest human companions and man's best friend doesn't do it quite enough justice. Which reminds me of the vacationing Ohio steelworker in the Keys last year at this time who had a golden pup of his own. He helped us get our broken down van going while his pup played with our two. It was a male and he noticed that Hank had not been fixed. "I'm not going to fix Charley here either. I mean, if a dog is man's best friend, what the hell kind of person has his best friends balls cut off?"

Did okay today, not great but I found a nice dresser and a table that somebody had thrown into the dumpsters in back so made 50 on that and another 10 on earrings. Tomorrow is the best day so if we do well we will head down to the keys to try the Big Pine flea and hopefully be let in to the Sunset Celebration on Key West. Then maybe, maybe we can crawl out of this sink hole and start doing real craft/art shows. At least get a roof over us that isn't canvas.


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