Friday, December 15, 2006

Cold Ruin

I did three six foot paintings today and all were exceptional. It is hard to sell two of them since I know I will never duplicate them, even if I wanted to. One was an off the cuff abstract that I carved "cold ruin" into. The other a blue drip with rusts and reds and greens and a bit of purple underneath. The effect I got with this one is that in parts it resembles a kind of pointilism, the striation of dripped paint crossing and recrossing over the droplets having a magnificent effect. I will list them on ebay tomorrow.

Life is nice here in Quartzsite and J is writing again. In two days she had written over seven thousand words of her new novel in progress and it promises to be a good one. I myself am thirty five thou into mine but the writing has turned sporadic with the arrival of our canvas rolls since all my energy is going into painting and taking care of things around the rv cum studio cum gallery. It is nice to sit out here in the tent that is attached to the rv, a ten by twenty, pole and tarpaulin, and write, a breeze blowing and traffic flying by on the highway nearby.

I am happy in my gypsy digs, happy to be painting and writing and walking our dogs in the desert, in love with my wife, a stormy romance from the beginning but always ballasted with the bedrock chemicals of mutual attraction.

So what if love is just a chemical reaction? After all, what is a chemical when broken down to its smallest particle? Once again infinite.

Gradually we are fixiing little things here and there on Jodie's Revenge. Like the shower and water heater, both working beautifully so that sitting in my own little bathroom taking a hot shower I am happier than I have ever been taking a shower. Our little home on wheels is quite cozy with the little bedroom in back that, when the red curtain is pulled shut, in its dark fakewood veneer, reminds me of a pullman car.

The fridge still doesn't work but that is next on the list of to do's. For now it makes a nice and much needed pantry.

Love to the world and you gentle reader.


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