Monday, November 20, 2006


A strange phenomenon is Quartzsite. A sprawling, packed trailer, rv city. A kind of wierd commune of middle class and lower middle class elderly. Dusty, to say the least, the fine earth talcum rises with the arrival of more rv'ers everyday. The main strip is one long flea market. We have been camped out far in the desert at a nice location next to a wash, with weird purplish moutains in the distance and cactus all around. Very peaceful at night with the stars so bright over head--diamonds in a dark river. The meteors are incredible and one I saw last night looked like a motorcycle headlight was goin to crash through our window. Huge.

Lately we have been visited by coyotes and the night before last one sat ouside the rv and made hair raising noises trying to lure Hank out. We realize it is probably a female, inviting him for dinner. of course he does not know he will be the main course and pleads to get out. It is truly amazing how Hank can perturb animals to aggressive behavior. In Homer Alaska he stared at a sea lion until it attacked us and actually dove it's enormous girth up onto the dock after him. Hank just stood there waiting and ready with his glowing brown eyes until I jerked him away. On another occasion it was a mama moose that nearly hooved him to death but he stood just out of range and tormeted her with barks. This was actually a good thing as the moose was advancing on J while she walked from the cabin to the car.

Business is slower than slow on ebay but we do have a benefactor who keeps buying my art if it is priced right. We are thinking of moving since there is not Walmart within 80 miles and we need it for supplies. The desert is wonderful to paint, with no enervating neighbors but we need to be near supplies so we may move soon. Hope we don't have to as I love the solitude and being able to simply lay the canvas out on the desert floor to paint on.

Our fighting though has been abysmally bad lately and J is thinking of getting an apartment in Albuquerque. The moths and flying things she calls "the green things" and "the ant things" torment her as she is trying to read in the comfy little back bedroom. Heavan to me is hell to her in this regard. Of course we always seem to be okay with money coming in so we'll see.

Carla dnd Micheal are doing wonderfully with their window painting and they are doing great on ebay. But Phoenix is giving them shit about their rv, an older model that Micheal painted with his big murals of a tropical beach on one side and the fishing boat tossing in the waves on the other. Apparently a persnickety camp host at the campground they are staying was circling their rv the other day when she was talking to J over phone. "Is something leaking from there?" he said. "It might be a little condensation," said Karla. Before it was something about making sure to clean up their dog poop. That is how it goes with the older rv set. The nomadic souls who really live on the road. The retirees who look at their rv as an extension of their middle class lawns hate us for our lifestyle...


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