Friday, February 17, 2006

Chapter 22 - Cape Coral Cuts

The next day, Thursday we did even worse than the first. It was awful and anger burned in me for the promoter Rhonda who uses only little bitty signs as advertisement and charges those high fees. I was fooled by her and no self respecting artist or crafter will do her shows indiscriminately anymore because now all she attracts is buy/sell. I think discerning show goers know this by now too.

At the end of the show though I talked with a gentle, somewhat frail looking man who was selling things he made with his own hands, beautiful little things that looked like a symmetrical bunches of circular wire, slinky's, at first glance but with a little manipulation turned into coasters, bracelets, candle holders...He mentioned a few unscrupulous promoters up New York way to watch out for and then told us of a show he had just minutes before gotten into in Naples. Only 150. We called and the woman told us there was a one day spot left so after the Flamingo Flea market today (where we actually did as well in one day as two days at Coral-$130) we headed over to have a look. We did a walk through and saw all the same type of things you see at a low end craft show but we are going to do it anyway.

It at least turns out that the promoter for this advertises on the radio and newspapers. We'll see. If we make our money back and a little more it will be okay. Worth taking a risk for that one special person who buys three or four hundred worth.

Highlights- *I nearly trapped a granny in the EZ-Up booth as she was passing under unbeknowst to me while I was dropping it. Last year I tripped an old woman in Home Depot and accidentally bumped a woman in a wheelchair on an incline without her brakes on. I caught her just before she toppled over. You really have to tread lightly when you're down here. Especially if you're me.


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